Christy Wong

Let's get personal.

My name is Christy and I am proudly from Detroit, Michigan. I went to Yale for a liberal arts education, and majored in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. As a young adult, I moved to New York and San Francisco to pursue finance, entrepreneurship, and startups.

When I'm not tapping away on my computer, you'll find me lacing up my running shoes or strumming my guitar. I also love books, movies, podcasts, and lyrics because I'm drawn to all kinds of narratives—those that make me laugh, cry, or play out the mundane. I appreciate stories doled out in pieces between bites, or strung together over seventeen individual messages. Through story, we forge connection and find reflections of ourselves.

Feel free to connect and explore alongside me – because life's too short not to! Areas I'm particularly interested in: feeding my inner light, finding magic in the ordinary, humor in everything, and assuming positive intent in our shared human experience.

Namib dunes

We hiked to the top of this dune in the dark. It was 5 am. Half asleep and cold, the sand felt soft, giving gently with each step. It took less time than we thought to reach the summit and we took off our shoes for sun rise. Once we could make out shapes and the ground came into view, the distance seemed to keep expanding. Suddenly we could see just how high up we were.

Enter stage left: Hyperventilation.

Stage right: Worry.

How will we get down? Maybe we can scoot down, even if it takes hours. Can we roll down without getting hurt? We sat gingerly on the ground and did breathing exercises. It took an hour to quell the tightness in our chests. And that is my memory of the Sossusvlei dunes.

My dream is to live by mountains and water. I'm captivated by their tranquil yet vast energy – a reminder of the world's enormity and my own humble place within it.